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Section 1. Membership

The Management Council shall consist of no more than 15 members. The membership shall be appointed in the following manner:

  1. The following individuals (or their designee as offered in writing) shall be represented on the Management Council. 
    • Mayor
    • county commissioner (appointed by chair)
    • city council member (appointed by council president)
    • county chief administrative officer
    • presiding judges district, county, and juvenile courts
    • county attorney
    • city attorney
    • public defender
    • police chief
    • sheriff
    • director of corrections
    • youth center superintendent
    • chief adult probation officer
    • Douglas County Information Services Director.(as amended September 21, 1999 and July 26, 2001)
  1. Each member has one vote.

Section 2. Designee

Members of the Management Council who cannot attend a meeting may appoint a designee for the purpose of attending and participating in the meetings. The designee may cast votes. The designee may act with all authority of principal member.

The judges of the District, County, Juvenile Court or their designee shall be a voting member. (as amended July 26, 2001)

Section 3. Alternates

If a member or his/her designee is unable to attend the meeting, an alternate may attend the meeting, but shall not have the right to cast votes.

Section 4. Duties

It shall be the duty of each member to endeavor to participate in the Management Council activities to fulfill its purpose and responsibilities.

Section 5. Terms

Terms of members appointed pursuant to Article 4, Section 1(A) shall be permanent so long as they serve in the official position described in Article 4, Section 1(A).

Section 6. Vacancy

A vacancy on the Management Council shall be filled in the same manner as provided in the original appointment.