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Section 1. Primary Responsibilities

The Management Council's primary responsibilities shall be to:

  1. Review proposed changes in policies and activities within the justice system, measure the extent of impact which those proposed changes have on the entire system, prioritize, adopt and implement those changes within the service of the Council deemed by the majority to be in the best interest of the system.

  2. Research problem areas within the justice system having multi-agency impact and make recommendations to appropriate officials offering resolution to such problems.

Section 2. Additional Tasks

The Management Council shall also have the responsibility to:

  1. Develop a systematic planning process to use in evaluating the quality and delivery of justice in the city, county and state for the purpose of making recommendations to the city, county, state and the justice agencies.

  2. Gather and analyze data related to the justice system.

  3. Periodically submit reports to the city and county relevant to the activities of the council.